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Safe Droning Australia is a small family business we specialise in UAV / Drone Safety equipment and services. We aim to provide a one stop safety shop with great products and service for everyone in the droning community.

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As a UAV operator our selves we found it time consuming, searching for and acquiring our site safety equipment at reasonable prices. So after having gone through the process we decided to source products that are more inline with our industries requirements and offer them to all at competitive prices. The range offered is a good foundation for anyone flying a drone under CASA regulations. Visit our store and check out the range of drone safety equipment, and send us an email if you think something is missing or you have a suggestion for any items. We are always looking for new and innovative products.

At Safe Droning Australia , we offer both aerial photography and videography. Be it for your website or help your social media presence. We also love working with those that want to create a different type of television ad campaign or add some pizzazz to their product or training presentations. The sky is the limit, with drone footage added to your future campaign. So why not talk to us about an obligation free quote and see how easy and affordable it can be. Priding ourselves on looking after our customer with a  service  that is affordable, we will have you wondering why you haven’t done this before now.

This area of the drone industry is varied and growing quickly, and can be very daunting . But let us assist you with the process whether it’s mapping your farm, a construction site, or a mine site. We can help you find the best software platform to use for your specific project. We are not limited to any one platform and are always interested in looking at new alternate platforms. We aim with our drones and pilots to give you the results and data you require. We are always happy to consult with prospective clients to make sure the fit is right both for you and us. So contact us for an obligation free quote.

Inspecting assets from above is becoming an extremely cost effective and safe alternative these days. Whether  a 3D image or close up photos of an asset is required. We can provide the images as a record of condition as part of an asset management program or damage claims.

There is nothing like checking on your project from the comfort of your office computer for the most up to date information in a cost effective and safe way.  We can help  to minimize your risk, contact us today for a safe and lower cost alternative.